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We help companies make their ideas happen – whether it’s starting something new or finding new ways to approach things.

Our Healthcare Practice joins patented psychographic segmentation, healthcare consumer data, and communication insights together; we call this fusion Health Personalities Science. These consumer-specific, data driven insights enable healthcare stakeholders to rapidly move beyond dormant engagement to activate healthcare consumers, greatly improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

We guide health plans, employers, hospitals, and integrated health systems in engaging and activating patients and members to achieve healthy behavior changes. Through targeted communications using Health Personalities, preventive screenings and HEDIS measures have been achieved, new benefit sales have increased, 30-day readmission rates and resulting costs have been substantially reduced, and chronic conditions like diabetes are being managed.

Contact us to understand how our Health Personalities Science can help your organization communicate with patients and members.

We Help Companies

  • Activate Healthcare Consumers
  • Improve Outcomes & Reduce Costs
  • Make Ideas Happen
  • Know Their Audiences

Our Team

Lori Worthington
President & Founder

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Karen Leeker
VP, Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Leslie Burford
VP, Client Success

Laurel Green
VP, Healthcare Consumer Sciences

Everett P. Worthington
Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Lisa Keller
Operations & Administration Specialist

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